The Inhumane Human Rights Organisation

1 May

“Sarabjit Singh is now brain-dead. He slipped into non-reversible coma” – Pak Doctors.
Now where are those SO-CALLED Human rights activists, who were crying out beyond the natural capacity of their tear glands on legitimate execution of terrorists like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru. Kasab and Afzal were caught red-handed with all the proofs, enough to prove them guilty in any court of law across the world. They were hanged till death abiding the rules of Indian Penal Code after their mercy appeal was rejected by Hon. President of India. Even then these Human rights people were crying as if they were indulged in a fake case. They forgot that we lost many brave & able soldiers in those attacks on Mumbai and Parliament. Those soldiers were also HUMANS. Why Human Rights Commission never had any thoughts over them.
Sarabjit Singh, who accidentally crossed the border in 1990 has been in prison of pakistan for a crime he did not commit. His mercy petition is still waiting for the response from Pakistani president. Still some people came and beat him to death (inside the prison) and this time it’s all OKAY with the Human Rights Commission. Where are the journalists like Burkha Dutt who seemed so concerned about Afzal guru ??? Why everyone seem to be so OKAY with the illegal attacks on Sarabjit. Indian Govt is as usual silent Just like Indian PM.
Sarabjit has been in solitary confinement inside the jail. Is it possible to imagine that such attacks can be carried out without involvement of Jail officials ??? Still no action was taken against them. If such an incident had happened in India, these SO CALLED secular leaders would have done God-knows-what with the jail officials (as a long followed tradition of appeasement). Where are those Leaders who used to cry whenever a traitor terrorist is shot in J&K valley ?? Where are those people who offer financial help and Jobs to support the family of these terrorists ?? Why no such help is being given to Sarabjit’s family by any leader ?? WHY ???

Perhaps I know the answer to all these WHYs.

Because He is an “INDIAN”.


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